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Sonic Retro deviates from the standard wiki formula with the addition of many new features for marking up wiki pages.

Adding Music to a Page

When adding a single song to a page, use the <flashmp3> tag, which displays a small mp3 player. The only URLs which work with the music player are files that are stored in the domain, which is dropped in entering the file's address.

For instance, to display a song from the AlbumDump, use:

<flashmp3>Seven Rings in Hand/Adventure Disc/103 LET THE SPEED MEND IT.mp3</flashmp3>

This will show the following:

<flashmp3>Seven Rings in Hand/Adventure Disc/103 LET THE SPEED MEND IT.mp3</flashmp3>

Adding video to a page

In order to use video in an article, you will need to use the mediaplayer tag, which supports FLV, MP4 and XML playlist files. Height, width and all other parameters compatible with jwplayer can be used to customize output.

For example:


Displays this:


Using an image to link to a page

When adding images to a page, clicking on an image will generally bring up that image's Image page. If you want an image to link to a page, use the link= field of the image tag. This is trivial: simply add |link=Link to the end of an image tag.

For instance, using this:


Will generate the image link:


Syntax Highlighted Code

To have your code marked up in an article, use either the <asm> tag (for 68000 assembly) or <z80> tag (for Z80 assembly). Simply include the tags around a section of code to display something like the following:

<asm> EntryPoint: tst.l ($A10008).l ; test port A control bne.s PortA_Ok tst.w ($A1000C).l ; test port C control

PortA_Ok: bne.s PortC_Ok lea SetupValues(pc),a5 movem.w (a5)+,d5-d7 movem.l (a5)+,a0-a4 move.b -$10FF(a1),d0 ; get hardware version andi.b #$F,d0 beq.s SkipSecurity move.l #'SEGA',$2F00(a1)

SkipSecurity: move.w (a4),d0 ; check if VDP works moveq #0,d0 movea.l d0,a6 move.l a6,usp ; set usp to $0 moveq #$17,d1 </asm>