Green Hill Zone (Sonic Blast) Boss

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Green Hill Zone (Sonic Blast) Boss
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Green Hill Zone (Sonic Blast) Boss
Game: Sonic Blast
Level: Green Hill Zone (Sonic Blast)
Hits to defeat: 6
Fought by: Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna

The boss of Green Hill Zone in Sonic Blast is a relatively simple one. Dr. Eggman will attack Sonic or Knuckles in his Eggpod equipped with a boomerang-like device. He emerges from the right and will fire the boomerang twice into the bottom left hand corner before moving to the other side of the screen to attack the right hand side. Unlike previous outings Eggman can only be damaged by hitting the windscreen of the Eggpod. Defeating the boss will allow Sonic and Knuckles to travel to Yellow Desert Zone.

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