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Category: Graphics editor
System: Microsoft .NET Framework
Credits: MainMemory
Thanks: MarkeyJester

GetArt.NET is a program that converts an image and a palette image into uncompressed art, palette and plane mappings data for use on the Sega Mega Drive. The source code is available in the SonLVL GitHub repository.

This program behaves mostly the same as GetArt, but supports BMP, PNG, GIF and JPG images, and many different pixel formats.


Save the image you want to use as Bitmap.ext (where ext is the file's original extension) in the GetArt.NET folder. If the image is 1bpp, 4bpp or 8bpp with palette information included, a separate palette image is not required. Otherwise, create an image of the palette for the image using 8x8 squares (you can have as many color squares as you want, however only the first 64 are used) as Palette.ext (where ext is the file's original extension). You may also create an image named Priority.ext (where ext is the file's original extension) to determine the priority of each tile, black squares are low priority and white squares are high priority. Once everything's set up, simply run GetArt.NET.exe.
The program will generate several files:

  • Map.bin - uncompressed plane mappings that can be loaded into the Mega Drive's VRAM.
  • Art.bin - uncompressed 8x8 tiles to be used with the mappings.
  • Palette.bin - a full palette (64 colors) for use with the art and mappings.


Previous Versions

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