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Category: Graphics editor
System: Microsoft Windows
Credits: MarkeyJester

GetArt is a program that converts a bitmap image and a palette bitmap into uncompressed art, palette and plane mappings data for use on the Sega Mega Drive.

MainMemory later made his own version of the program, called GetArt.NET.


Save the image you want to use as a 24 bit per pixel RGB bitmap named Bitmap.bmp in the GetArt folder, and a 128x8 24bpp bitmap of the palette for the image using 8x8 squares as Palette.bmp. Then run GetArt.exe.
The program will generate several files:

  • Pad.bmp - a copy of Bitmap.bmp padded out to the next multiple of 8 in width and height.
  • Map.bin - uncompressed plane mappings that can be loaded into the Mega Drive's VRAM.
  • Art.bin - uncompressed 8x8 tiles to be used with the mappings.
  • Palette.bin - a single palette line (16 colors) for use with the art and mappings.
  • Info.txt - a text file indicating the width and height of the mappings in tiles.


Download.svg Download GetArt
File: GetArt.rar (10 kB) (info)