GerbilSoft ROM Hacking Studio

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This page describes an obsolete hacking tool that should not be used for new hacks/projects or with new disassemblies/tools.
This page (and associated files) is being kept for historical purposes only, as it documents and archives the history of the Sonic scene.
GerbilSoft ROM Hacking Studio
Category: Multi-purpose editor
Version: 0.02.0007
Status: Inactive
System: Microsoft Windows
Credits: GerbilSoft

Gerbilsoft ROM Hacking Studio is a Mega Drive ROM hacking tool with the following features: lock-on Sonic & Knuckles with any other game, S3K special stage editor, title card editor, playlist editor, palette editor and more!

Note: You will need to download the following files and copy in C:\WINDOWS folder: mscomctl.ocx, comdlg32.ocx and picclp32.ocx.

Download.svg Download GerbilSoft ROM Hacking Studio
File: GSRHS v0.02.0007.7z (294 kB) (info)
Current version: 0.02.0007