General Raxos

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General Raxos is the highest-ranking officer in the Zoah military in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and ex officio the leader of the race as a whole. The General can be distinguished from other Zoah as he sports a metal ring on each shoulder-pad, as opposed to just the one for lower-ranking officers.

Raxos is regarded as "tough but fair" by the Zoah citizenry. The General was honour-bound to ally the Zoah Colony with the Nocturnus Clan after he was defeated in single combat by Imperator Ix - an arrangement which he finds profoundly distasteful. Raxos is willing to do any favour for anyone as long as that person defeats General Raxos in a battle, they can even become the new leader of the Zoah if that person defeats Raxos and wants to become the next Zoah leader! Raxos is glad to be released from his enforced alliance when Sonic repeats Ix's feat and defeats the General single-handed.

Like apparently all Zoah, the General has a deep, instinctive loathing of the N'rrgal, and takes any opportunity to spar with the N'rrgal Queen during the Twilight Conference on the Kron Colony in Chapter 10.