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Gameforce2005, often abbreviated to GF2005 or just GF (not to be confused with GreatFox, aka Flint), is most well-known for his position as a staff member at The Sonic Stadium. Mostly active on the message board, he moderates the entire board but focuses on the main discussion forums. He took an active role in the most contraversial, but nevertheless effective phase of the board's history, in which the webmaster (Dreadknux) suggested that the forums should be made more mature. This earned him attention from the forum administrators, and he was eventually promoted to staff member. Later, he was also given the position of Sonic News reporter after the revival of the project.

Sadly, Gameforce has been much less active recently, both on the Sonic Stadium Message Board and in the community in general. This can mostly be blamed on increased pressures from home and school, limited computer access and a wish to expand his other interests.

Facts, Trivia and other Information

  • Gameforce is the youngest SSMB Staff Member. In the early days of his moderating, he actually fell below the recommended member age set by Dreadknux.
  • Gameforce had played video games before on his father's Super Nintendo Entertainment System (mostly Mario, although he found it too difficult), but it wasn't until he was given a SEGA Mega Drive and Sonic 2 that he became interested in video games. He is now obsessed with them. He was aged 5 at the time.
  • He first discovered the online community at age 7 after beating Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  • At age 10, he was given a computer with internet access and began exploring the Sonic Community. Around this time, he "lurked" in the Ezboard SSMB and also found websites such as Sonic Vegemite.
  • His original alias was "PlasmaTails", but found it too corny to use full time. However, he personally finds Gameforce even worse and would change it if he wasn't so goddamned lazy/unimaginitive. Originally, Gameforce had the year after it (eg Gameforce2004), and then for a while (about 6 months) it didn't - but it does again now. For the first 3 months of 2005, the year was unchanged (i.e. it was still Gameforce2004 until March) due to forgetfullness.
  • The name "Gameforce" arose when he desperately needed an original alias for a message board that, for some reason, wouldn't accept the name PlasmaTails. The name stuck, and when The Sonic Stadium changed hosting, he decided to use it instead.
  • Gameforce is quite a shy person, but can be assertive if the job requires it. He is usually friendly and more than happy to discuss criticism and debate with other members of the SSMB.
  • Despite the fact that he is a staff member on a Sonic site, his favourite video game is not a Sonic game. In fact, it is an RPG for the SNES called Chrono Trigger, which was never released in the UK or Europe. However, both Sonic Adventure and Sonic 3 & Knuckles are among his favourite games of all time.
  • Gameforce is an atheist with strong feelings against religion. However, he is not intolerant of religious people unless they start shoving beliefs in his face.
  • Gameforce, like much of the SSMB staff including Dreadknux, Roarey Raccoon and B'man is British. Therefore, he follows the GMT clock and uses English words such as "colour".
  • Gameforce is a strong supporter of emulation and hacking. He feels that games (especially old ones of no real value to their companies) should be much easier to obtain and that by hacking into them we can get a better understanding of how they work. However, he is not part of the hacking or emulation scene in any sense other than he believes it should continue to grow.