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Lost Sprites

Artwork Name Description
"Knuckles Hurt" Animation Unused hurt animations used for Knuckles while he was gliding.
"Nack Blinking" Animation Some sprites of Nack blinking. These are never shown in normal gameplay.
"Nack holding Emerald" Animation Nack holding a Chaos Emerald.
Nack Sign Unused Nack end of level sign. It could mean Nack was going to be a playable character, or it could have given you a bonus if you get it.

Level Objects

Artwork Zone Description
STTGreatUnused.png Great Turquoise Zone There are spikes used "inside", but this outside spike isn't.
STTJungleUnused.png Meta Junglira Zone Another unused spike and a 30 degree slope.
STTWinterUnused.png Robotnik Winter Zone A 45 degree slope in front of the stage background and an outside spring.
STTTidalUnused.png Tidal Plant Zone Many, many unused springs in Tidal Plant Zone. The giant bubbles in this stage make most of these springs useless.
Stt unusedbadnik correct.png
Unused Badnik Enemy found through the tile viewer in Atomic Destroyer Zone.
STTSpecialUnused.png Special Stage Several unused slope types, spikes (which don't appear in any special stage), and unused border tiles.
Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble
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