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Unused Artwork

Character Sprites

Artwork Name Description
S2tailseggfan.png "Crying Tails" Animations Some unused sprites of Tails crying. Probably meant to be used in the ending cutscene when he is rescued.
S2sonic.png Bored Sonic Animation These three animations are actually from Sonic 1 for the Master System, but were found in Sonic 2 for the Game Gear. Sonic 2 GG used Sonic 1 MS's spriteset, but the waiting animation was changed. This is all of what is leftover.
Sonic2SMSEarlyDeathSprite.png Sonic 1 death sprite Sonic's death sprite from the Master System version of Sonic 1.[1]
UZ Boss.png Entire Under Ground Zone Boss body The entire body of the boss can be seen here. Normally only its head is visible.
Duckgoose.png Entire Sky High Zone Boss body This shows the entire body of the boss. Normally only its head and neck can be seen.

Unused Monitors

Artwork Name Description
S2monitors1.png Sonic Monitor This one isn't really unused; you can find it hidden in a wall in Crystal Egg Zone, but the graphics are obscured. When collected, it grants a Continue.
S2monitors3.png Question Mark Monitor This may have given a random amount of rings or items, like in the 2-player mode of Sonic 2 for Mega Drive.
S2monitors2.png Grey Sneaker Monitor May have slowed you down, like the Slow sneaker in Sonic 3's 2-player mode.
S2monitors4.png Arrow Monitor This could have been a checkpoint marker, like the 8-bit version of Sonic 1.

Level Art

Artwork Name Description
UZ bricks.png Under Ground Zone Bricks Several unused bricks.
UZ loop.png Under Ground Zone Tubes Originally thought to be a loop, the discovery of a prototype revealed this to be the remains of Green hill zone style tubes for Under Ground Zone.
Sonic2GGUnderOther.png Various Under Ground Zone ground tiles Miscellaneous ground tiles.[2]
UZ platform.PNG Under Ground Zone Floating Platform An unused floating platform.
Boulder.png Sky High Zone boulder This boulder probably was supposed to roll down a hill in act 1.
S2 8bit skyhigh platform.png Sky High Zone platform An unused floating platform.
S2 8bit skyhigh block.png Sky High Zone object Probably another platform.
S2Aqua2.gif Unused Aqua Lake Zone tile A small additional piece of land which is not used in the final game.

Gimmick Mountain Name


Originally the level card for Gimmick Mountain wasn't going to have a shortened name. Hivebrain discovered the word "Mountain" within the ROM. Due to lack of space on the screen Mountain was shortened to Mt.

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