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Unused artwork

Various unused sprites found through debug or other methods.[1]

Special Stage art

Artwork Name Description
Sprite03.pngSonic1iOS-SpecialStage-Zone7.png "Zone" Icons 1-6 can be found in the original game but the 7 is new. Meant to mark which special stage the player was currently in.
Sprite01.gifSonic1iOS-SpecialStageTails1up.pngSonic1iOS-SpecialStageKnuckles1up.png 1-up Icon The Sonic 1-up icon was in the original game but the Tails and Knuckles ones are new. Fully functional and disappear like a ring when touched.
Sprite02.gif "W" Icon Not a new item and acts like a solid block when placed.

Unused monitors

Artwork Name Description
Tv eggman.png Eggman monitor Causes the player to take damage when the monitor is broken. Was present in the original game but was not fully functional.
Tv goggles.png Goggles monitor Adds the unused goggle sprites from the previous version of Sonic 1 and increases the amount of time the player can spend underwater.
Tv super.png "S" monitor Not a new monitor but functional in this version. Causes the player to become "Super".
Sonic1iOS-SpikeMonitor.png Spike monitor New monitor that toggles the spike damage behavior when the monitor is broken.
Sonic1iOS-ShieldsMonitor.png Three Shields monitor May toggle the elemental shields option.
Sonic1iOS-EmeraldMonitor.png Emerald Monitor May toggle the max Emerald count. Sonic Triple Trouble is the first game to include a Emerald monitor.
Sonic1iOS-ExclamationPointMonitor.png Unknown Either an exclamation point or the shrink powerup from Knuckles' Chaotix. Not used in debug mode.

Zone-specific art

Artwork Zone Description
Wreck.gif Green Hill Zone Was present in the original version but is functional now. It can destroy walls or enemies that come in contact with it while it is in movement.
Splats.png Green Hill Zone A rather famous unused badnik, he is programmed into the game but as a secret. His coloring seems to be based on the trading cards. When placed with debug, it will hop around the area it was placed, or in a set direction.
Sidespike.png Marble Zone Spikes which move horizontally.
Sonic1iOS-UFO.gif Marble Zone When placed in debug mode, UFO's will appear in the sky. These were seen in promotional pictures and footage for the game.
Goggles.pngSonicgoggles Run.gif Labyrinth Zone Goggles will be added to Sonic's sprite if this monitor is broken. They increase the amount of time he can spend underwater without needing air.
Robotniklegs1.png Final Zone The left image shows the back of Robotnik’s legs, which can’t be seen normally. The right image is what is normally seen.


Artwork Description
SonicCD11-tailslifeicons.png These are leftover Tails life icons from the 2011 Sonic CD port.
SCD lifeicon leftover.png Leftover Sonic life icon from the 2011 Sonic CD port, present among the HUD sprites.
SonicCD11 Placeholder.png Likely related to Retro SDK's level editor which is used to create the game. The same icon was found in the Sonic CD port.

Hidden Japanese Credits


Too view the Japanese credits start a "No Save" game and choose a character. When the SEGA logo screen appears type the letters A-G-E-S in that specific order. A ring will chime if done correctly. This code will also change Tails name to "Miles" during gameplay.

The Credits translated:

Position Person
Program Naka Yuuji
Plan Yasuhara Hirokazu
Design Ooshima Naoto
Ishiwatari Jina
Kataoka Rieko
Sound Produce Nakamura Masato
Sound Program Kubota Hiroshi
Makino Yukifumi

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