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When hacking into Sonic Mega Collection, one can find the entire European Sonic CD manual. Not only that, but a preview version has Sonic CD on the list of games to pick. On the same preview version, in the movies section, you can find "Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Part 1" and "Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Part 2", likely meaning that the Sonic OVA was once in Sonic Mega Collection.

A Sonic Mega Collection prototype released by drx actually has all of this stuff included, however the movies and the Sonic CD game are nonfunctional.

Sample Video

A small video copyrighted to CRI Middleware, which helped SEGA with AV-related things for their GameCube titles, can be found inside the game. Youtube video can be found here. The filename, "Sample", implies that it was used for some kind of video output test.

Unused Videos

2 other videos were found in the ROM:

-loopbgv.sfd is nothing more than a CG water rippling effect somewhat like the Sonic Team logo animation from Sonic Adventure. It lacks any sort of sound and only lasts 12 seconds. The purpose of this clip, aside from showing off Sofdec's capabilities, is currently unknown;

-smpinter.sfd is a 30-second clip of San Francisco. This might be from CRI, since they do have offices in San Francisco, It is suspected to be a test clip from the Dreamcast development kit.

While it is likely Sega was testing the Sofdec player and simply didn't take these files out, the movies and songs take up roughly 20% of the data...and even then, there is still empty space on the disc. This space could have easily been used for more games...or even Sonic CD, which allegedly couldn't be included partly because of "space limitations".

Lost Music

Left over from a previous menu build, this music was once used in the main menu area.

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