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Frozen Factory
  • Normal
  • Christmas Event
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Frozen Factory
Event level, Sonic Runners
Level theme: winter

Frozen Factory is a level in Sonic Runners that was available as part of special events.


Based on the level of the same name from Sonic Lost World, Frozen Factory is a winter wonderland with the occasional factory in the background. Though, unlike Desert Ruins and Tropical Coast, it was not part of the game's story and was instead played in Timed Mode.

As an event stage, Frozen Factory was suitable for all three types of characters, featuring the same kinds of obstacles found in Windy Hill, Sky Road and Lava Mountain.


Christmas Event

To celebrate the Christmas season, the Christmas Event ran from December 15th to December 28th, 2015. During that time, players could enter Timed Mode and play Frozen Factory during a night setting, collecting as many presents as possible to increase their score and climb the leaderboards. Regular presents were worth 50 points, while Christmas stockings were worth 500. Also, Christmas Sonic, Christmas Tails and Christmas Knuckles were added to the Premium Roulette during the period, along with the Yeti, Christmas Yeti, and Arctic Chao Buddies.

Frozen Factory Event

A second event set in Frozen Factory ran from February 20th to February 29th, 2016. During that time, players could enter Timed Mode and compete to collect as many snowflakes as possible to get a high score, with small snowflakes being worth 50 points, and large snowflakes being worth 500. During this event, Frozen Factory was set during the day with the Christmas festivities removed.


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