Frontier Canyon Zone

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Frontier Canyon Zone
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Frontier Canyon Zone
Fourth Zone, Sonic Rivals 2
Number of Acts: 3 + Boss
Level themes: desert/western, mountain/canyon
Boss: Egg Bull
Neon Palace Zone | Mystic Haunt Zone

Frontier Canyon Zone is the fourth level of Sonic Rivals 2 for the PSP. A rare instance of a Wild-West-themed area within the Sonic games, the Zone contains three Acts plus a boss fight at the end. As with most of Rivals 2, the Zone is located somewhere upon an unnamed island in Sonic's world.

Crammed full of wooden saloons, railroad tracks, lassos and tumbleweed, Frontier Canyon uses just about every Western cliché in the book. While Act 1 is mostly conducted outside amidst the sun-bleached rocks, Act 3 delves into the Gusty Gulch Gem Mine below the surface.


Knuckles and Rouge first arrive in Frontier Canyon discussing Silver's cryptic comments in Neon Palace ("Silver said something about saving the world... with the Chao? I think his ESP powers have made him a bit goofy."). Encountering Sonic and Tails, the bat manages to convince them to help them gather rings for the once-again ailing emerald detector. Having dispatched the pair, Rouge then comes across Shadow, who fills her in on everything he and Metal Sonic have discovered about the Chaos Emerald's relationship to the Ifrit. Rouge, in turn, reveals that her current hunt for the Emeralds is actually under commission as opposed to personal greed, and refuses to be dissuaded from her task of gathering them.

Meanwhile, Knuckles bumps into Metal Sonic. The Doctor is in the process of sending a garbled transmission of some sort, about "grave danger... make your way to the...". Knuckles pursues the robot, although no answers are eventually forthcoming.

When Silver and Espio arrive, the hedgehog elaborates on the nature of Nega's plan: to feed chao to the Ifrit in order to render it "invincible". However, Silver's psychokinetic powers are flagging after three zones of chasing a fat scientist, and he and Espio set out to gather rings in order to recharge. This brings them into direct conflict with Rouge's temporary minions, Sonic and Tails.

Level Composition

ACT Sonic Tails Knuckles Rouge Shadow Metal Sonic Espio Silver
Act 1 Collect 100 rings Collect 100 rings Race: Metal Sonic Race: Shadow Race: Rouge Race: Knuckles Time Attack (2:10) Time Attack (2:10)
Act 2 Ring Battle (1:30): Espio Ring Battle (1:30): Silver Ring Battle (3:00): Metal Sonic Knock-Out (5): Shadow Knock-Out (5): Rouge Ring Battle (3:00): Knuckles Ring Battle (1:30): Sonic Ring Battle (1:30): Tails
Act 3 Race: Tails vs. Silver Race: Sonic vs. Espio Race: Rouge vs. Shadow Race: Knuckles vs. Metal Sonic Race: Metal Sonic vs. Knuckles Race: Shadow vs. Rouge Silver - Time Attack (2:20) Espio - Time Attack (2:20)
Boss Vs. Espio Vs. Silver Vs. Metal Sonic Vs. Shadow Vs. Rouge Vs. Knuckles Vs. Sonic Vs. Tails


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