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Frigate Skullian
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Frigate Skullian
Game: Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
Level: Asteroid Coaster
For the sixth boss in the Wii version and Sonic Colours: Ultimate, see Frigate Skullian.

Frigate Skullian is the sixth boss of the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colours, fought at the end of Asteroid Coaster.


The battle takes place on a moving pseudo-3D runway with a battleship like its earlier counterpart from Starlight Carnival. Its first attack is to create a hammer from an asteroid, then strike the road to attack Sonic. The player must Homing Attack to build up energy and deal damage. After a while, the asteroid hammer will break, and the player will have to avoid the fragments as they will cause damage.

Following this attack, the frigate will move down to fire laser cannons at Sonic. The player must run up to the frigate and strike it directly to inflict damage and build up energy, but should also avoid the lasers. The top laser can be avoided by simply running on the runway, while the middle laser must be dodged by rolling. If the bottom laser is fired, the player should grab hold of the handle underneath the Ring carriages to avoid it.

If the player Boosts into the asteroid hammer or the frigate itself, they will rewarded with a Violet Wisp. At this point, the player can use Violet Void to inflict heavy damage to the main frigate, or devour the carriages to increase Sonic's size. When the boss enters its "pinch mode", it will use its asteroid hammer more erratically, and may fire all three laser cannons at once. The player should focus on using Violet Void to whittle away at the frigate until it is completely devoured to win.


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