Enter the Supersonic Hero! (transcript)

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This is the Japanese-to-English transcript of the Sonic X episode Enter the Supersonic Hero!‎. Words spoken in English are de-italicized.

Disclaimer: This transcript is based on a fan sub of the episode by WolfPackProductions, modified for grammar and any other inconsistencies. As this is translation, this is an interpretation and may not be 100% true to what is said originally.

[It is night in Sonic's world, crickets are chirping and the sky is clear, showing a full moon. The moon shines onto a large pond. Beside the pond, Big the Cat is resting against the tree while fishing with Froggy. His ears perk up, causing him to wake, as he hears a siren blare. He looks over at a large tower on the other side of a forest.]

[More sirens go off as spotlights activate at the bottom of the control room pod at the top of the tower. Automated spherical drones on wheels roll out from the tower as an intruder approaches at fast speed. The intruder approaches closer as the drones set up near a path to the tower outside its perimeter. Gates to the tower close up, preventing entrance. Inside the gated area, numerous automated sentries set up to fight the intruder, including Gatling guns and missile launchers.]

[The intruder, Sonic the Hedgehog, is getting closer to the tower perimeter, running at an extremely fast speed. The spherical drones start firing their Gatling guns at Sonic, but can't get a hit as Sonic runs off to the side, dodging the fire with a smirk on his face. The sentries inside the gate perimeter start firing their guns, along with missiles. Missile launchers from all around the base fire into the sky as Sonic gets closer to the gate. All the missiles turn around and launch for the ground at Sonic at terminal velocity, but can't keep up with him, missing him by a long-shot, but cover him in smokescreen. The spherical drones watch on, waiting for him to appear. They see him just as he approaches them and fire, but can't get him in time. Sonic jumps on one drone, then jumps on others to propel himself over the gate. Inside the gate perimeter, Sonic continues to run through with Gatling guns firing.]

[In the tower, three large mechas activate to intercept Sonic.]

[Sonic approaches the base of the tower, but is stopped as two of the mechas crash through the ground, blocking his path. He dashes aside and runs along an inclined wall. Using its rockets, one of the mechas turns a corner and chases after him.]

[Sonic has entered the building and is running down a large metallic corridor with one of the mechas in pursuit, just barely being able to fit in the corridor, gliding with its rockets and getting close. Ahead of Sonic, another mecha crashes through the floor, but he avoids it by entering into a small maintenance shaft infront of the mecha ahead of him. Through the shaft, he exits the tower with a cloud of dust as one of the mechas follow. Continuing to run from the mechas, he dashes over a large spring with an Eggman face on it, propelling him into the air. One of the mechas, throws back its arm and slams Sonic further into the air.]

[Onboard the Tornado, Tails and Amy chase after Sonic to assist him.]

Tails: Sonic!

[He flies low over the gate perimeter, with Gatling guns firing at the plane. A few shots hit, causing Amy to duck in fear. The shots are effective, as the Tornado exits the perimeter with the engine catching on fire. Amy looks down at the damage.]

Amy: It's smoking! What should we do, Tails?

Tails: It'll be okay, Amy. But first...

[He pushes a lever, launching a missile from under the Tornado. It launches at Sonic, who is falling toward the forest. The missile bursts open, revealing a power ring that follows after Sonic. The forest lights up with a bright blue light as Sonic grabs the ring. A large burst of light appears as Sonic enters supersonic speeds in a super spin dash with power from the ring. He approaches the spherical drones again, slamming into each one like a pinball, then slamming right through one with ease, causing it to explode. He continues at the gate in his spin dash, slamming through the door and into one of the mechas, pushing it back. He continues pushing it in his spin dash into another mecha. Building up power, he pushes right through the stomach-area of the two mechas, destroying them in a large explosion. The last remaining mecha slams its hand down on Sonic, but can't hold him down with the ring's power, as he launches upwards toward the control room pod of the tower, entering by flying into one of the spotlights, destroying it.]

[The Tornado, however, has lost its power and lands on the ground, out of control and smoking.]

Tails: Hold on, Amy!

[Amy, squinting from fear, looks up to see the Tornado, still out of control, heading toward a large rock.]

Amy: A rock, avoid it!

Tails: It's no use!

[Just as the Tornado approaches the rock, a fist punches through it, shattering it into many pieces and letting the Tornado pass safely. The Tornado skids to a halt. Tails, squinting from the action, looks up to see who saved them.]

Tails: Ah, Knuckles!

[ Knuckles the Echidna stands on another rock formation, looking down at Tails.]

Tails: Thank you!

[He doesn't reply, only turning around to look toward the tower at the action defiantly.]

Tails: Knuckles...

Amy: What's with that attitude?

[He continues to watch the tower as numerous explosions go off.]

Knuckles: This is too much.

[In the tower, more alarms go off as systems start to seal themselves, with many doors closing to prevent entry. Meanwhile, in the control room, Eggman's robotic assistant, Decoe, is watching over the sealing and defenses of the tower.]

Decoe: Eggman, all defences have been readied.

[Eggman is in the middle of the room beside a circular control panel with a glass cylinder reaching to the ceiling in the middle of it.]

Eggman: Shit, why is that bastard, Sonic, always, always getting in my way?!

[Behind Eggman, Cream and Cheese are being held captive in a spherical glass case. Cream is holding onto Cheese closely.]

Cream: You should know why, Eggman! It's because you're always, always, doing awful things!

Cheese: Chao!

Eggman: Well, that's that.

[He holds up a red Chaos Emerald.]

Eggman: In the end, this Chaos Emerald will, when I put it in this machine, make my mecha infinitely powerful.

[The machine already has 6 of the Chaos Emeralds in it.]

Cream: Please stop!

Cheese: Chao, chao, chao!

[Along a ledge near the roof of the control room, Rouge the Bat is hiding and watching the events go on below her.]

Cream: That's right, Sonic definitely won't forgive you for this!

[Eggman snickers.]

Eggman: Well, all the barriers have been closed. There's simply no way for him to...

[In his spindash, Sonic crashes through the wall into the control room, surprising Eggman. He looks over to see Sonic appear out of the smoke from the crash.]

Cheese: Sonic!

[Eggman looks on, disappointed.]

Eggman: That was fast...however.

[He puts the last Chaos Emerald into the machine and closes its cover. He works on the console frantically entering commands and grabs a controller.]

Eggman: You've neglected this. All I have to do is press this.

[He laughs, but this doesn't cause a problem with Sonic.]

Sonic: Then you'll be giving that to me.

[Eggman looks on, confused over his stern attitude. A small mecha appears behinds Sonic, causing Eggman to smirk.]

Eggman: Wanna try and see?

[The mecha starts firing its guns at Sonic, but can't keep up with him as he runs around the room. He runs up the room's wall as Eggman cheers it on.]

Eggman: Go, go!

[Rouge the Bat continues to watch on, but hides behind a column as some of the bullets from the mecha nearly strike her.]

Eggman: That's it! Drive him out like an insect!

[Sonic drops infront of Eggman, waiting as the mecha readjusts itself toward his location.]


[Sonic jumps out of the way just as the mecha starts firing. Eggman ducks, causing it to fire on the machine behind him.]

Eggman: I'll teach you a lesson!

[He presses the button, but the machine starts malfunctioning, letting out electric bolts and an immense amount of light.]

Eggman: It's broken!

Decoe: Uh, oh.

[Rouge the Bat looks on in surprise as the light from the machine continues to get brighter. Sonic, standing infront of Cheese, also looks in in surprise. The machine starts sparking more, then releasing the light into the room. Outside, the light starts seeping through parts of the tower as Tails, Amy and Knuckles watch on.]

Amy: W...What?

[The light brightens, illuminating the three.]

Knuckles: Chaos Control.

[The light leaves the tower, engulfing the area and growing larger, approaching the three. At the pond, Big, while fishing, looks over to see the engulfing light approach him.]



[Sonic is laying on the ground unconscious, completely surrounded by darkness. He struggles and gets up, shaking his head to orient himself. He rubs his head.]

Sonic: I really shouldn't do that. It's not just that I passed out, but...

[He looks around the darkness, hearing a loud horn. He looks aside to see a pair of lights speeding toward him.]

Sonic: Wh-What's that?!

[He runs away as the light source passes by, nearly hitting him. He looks back to see if he's safe, only to look aside again and see another pair of lights speeding at him. He panics and runs away, only to stop infront of another pair of lights, which squeak to a halt. He covers his eyes before it stops, then looks and sees a large tractor-trailer infront of him.]

[He gasps in surprise as he is in the middle of an intersection, with many cars surrounding him, honking their horns. Sonic, blocking the intersection, has caused a mass traffic jam in the area and has attracted the attention of many Human onlookers. He continues to looks around in awe at the large buildings, lit up by the night, around him.]

Sonic: Where is this place?

[The onlookers continue to stare at Sonic, with many people murmuring.]

Sonic: ...and then, there's those people.

[He looks at the onlookers.]

Sonic: What?!


Character Card

Japanese: Sonikku Za Hedzuhoggu
English: Sonic the Hedgehog
Nickname: Sonic
Race: Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Height: 100 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Age: 15 years
Speed: Supersonic


Character Card

Japanese: Samu Supido (S Team Leader)
English: Sam Speed
Nickname: Whatever he wants at the time
Gender: Male
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Age: 28 years
Favorite Thing: Speed


[The cars continue to honk at Sonic as the drivers become more agitated.]

Truck Driver: What the hell is going on?!

[A group of police officers move toward Sonic.]

Sonic: How noisy.

Officer 1: What's with this guy?

[Sonic looks up to see two police officers standing near him.]

Officer 1: A hedgehog?

Officer 2: It's a little big, don't you think?

Officer 1: Really!

Officer 2: And it's ended up here...

[The second officer leans down infront of Sonic.]

Officer 2: Here, it's alright, come here.

Officer 1: Won't it bite?

Officer 2: It's alright, I have three cats at home. Here!

[He motions Sonic toward him while calling him. Sonic responds by standing defiantly, crossing his arms.]

Officer 1: Look, he's putting up a defence.

Officer 2: Aren't you listening?!

[He jumps at Sonic, but can't catch him as he moves aside quickly.]

Officer 2: Got you...

[The first officer gets annoyed and takes out his baton.]

Officer 1: Little bastard!

[A third officer enters the scene in a calm manner, stopping the first officer.]

Officer 3: Hey, hey, policemen don't mistreat animals.

Officer 1: But

[They look up as two other officers join the group.]

Officer 4: You, stand over there.

[The officers now surround Sonic.]

Officer 4: Then, on my count, catch it.

[The fourth officer leans toward Sonic.]

Officer 4: Slowly...NOW!

[All the officers jump at Sonic, but can't catch him in time as he moves away. The officers are stuck in a bundle, thinking they caught him.]

Officer 2: I have its leg!

Officer 5: I got an arm!

Officer 1: Alright, on the count of three. One, two, three!

[The officers separate, only to find themselves holding onto eachother. They rotate madly to let go, and eventually get free. Sonic, meanwhile, has moved and is sitting on the roof of a nearby car. He watches in confusion and shrugs his arms. Another officer, meanwhile, sneaks up on him and catches him in a net.]

Officer: I caught it!

[Sonic looks in disapproval and speeds away while in the net, with the officer still holding on and being pulled along. He passes by the other officers who try to stop him, but catch onto the handle of the net and are dragged along as well. An incoming police cruiser sees the group coming toward them and skids to a halt, turning perpendicular to the road. Sonic jumps over the cruiser losing the net, and causing the officers to fly through the window and crowd in the cruiser. The first officer from before grabs the cruiser's speaker and issues a call as Sonic runs away.]

Officer 1: Alert! Alert! A large blue hedgehog is loose in the city, block all the roads! All traffic must cease!

[Two officers in a cruiser elsewhere hear the call, but are sceptic of it.]

Driver: A blue hedgehog, huh?

[The other officer, resting in the passenger seat, laughs at his comment.]

Officer: We'd make some money if we could catch that! It's probably just some remodeled car or something.

Driver: Right, it can't really be a hedgehog. Probably a joke, eh?

[They look ahead in disbelief to see Sonic standing on the cruiser hood. He looks around at the cityscape then looks to the viewer.]

Sonic: Where could I have been taken to? It's not very obvious, huh?

[He jumps off the cruiser and speeds off ahead at a very fast speed. The two officers continue to look on in disbelief.]

Officer: Just...just how fast...if I'm not mistaken...

[The driver looks at his speedometer.]

Driver: One hundred kilometers per hour...

Officer: Is that so...

[A helicopter has been called in, who is following Sonic and reporting in.]

Pilot: What, the patrols couldn't stop it?! How can it run like that?!

Officer: Isn't that it?

[The helicopter has caught up to Sonic, who continues to run down a highway. It lowers down.]

Pilot: Acquiring target, it went north from Central Street. It has entered the highway!

[In the police control center, a dispatcher is listening in on the pilot's reports.]

Dispatcher: Roger. Patrol 80-5-5, the target is in your area. Get ready.

[On a part of the highway, a large police block has been set up with barriers, cruisers, bulldozers and transport trucks. An officer is reporting to dispatch from his cruiser's communicator.]

Officer: We are in position. To get past here, it would have to go underground or fly through the air.

[Sonic approaches the barrier at high speed, jumping right at the barriers and effortlessly passing the whole blockade in the air. The officers present watch on in awe as he passes over them. He lands behind the blockade, continuing his stride along the highway.]

Officer: Well, it just made a hundred meter jump...aha ha ha...

[The helicopter flies past the blockade, the officers in it embarrassed.]

Pilot: Uh, this is helicopter 35 here, helicopter 35.

[The dispatcher listens in.]

Pilot: We're going at full speed, but it doesn't seem we can...well...

Dispatcher: It can't be! Are you saying you lost it?!

Pilot: Bingo!

[The dispatcher turns around to a man in a red jumpsuit seated behind him.]

Dispatcher: Captain.

[The man, Sam Speed, laughs as he looks at the dispatcher.]

Sam Speed: It's fine, it's been such a long time since we've done anything. S-Team, let's go!

[He stands up as an alarm goes off, with a display stating 'STAND BY' switching to 'CALLED OUT'. Sam Speed, along with the other four members of his team, walk along a corridor, complete with red jumpsuits and helmets.]

[The S-Team arrive in their car garage, with red and white F-1-like racing cars. Mechanics are working on their cars as Sam Speed looks at a paper. He walks up to his car and acknowledges one of the workers.]

Sam Speed: What is the temperature tonight?

[A mechanic working at a computer terminal looks back.]

Mechanic: Fifteen degrees Celsius, it's perfectly dry out.

Sam Speed: And the western wind?

Mechanic: Calm today.

Sam Speed: The weather is on our side.

[He puts on a fire protecting mask over his head.]

Sam Speed: Alright, I want a medium-soft tire with five ruts.

Mechanic: Yes, sir!

[A mechanic working with tires rolls out a tire at Sam's car. Another mechanic installs it as another fills the car with fuel. The mechanic raises his arms as the car is lowered from the lift. Sam puts his helmet on and enters into the car.]

Sam Speed: Alright, everybody into your vehicles.

[Two mechanics buckle Sam into his seat and give him the steering wheel which he installs infront of him. A computer display above the car reads out all details about it, giving an affirmative beep.]

Mechanic: You have the fifth and sixth gears for high speed, and I added the special 'juice' you asked for.

Sam Speed: Thank you!

[The car starts as a mechanic does some finishing touches to it. The electronic speedometer/tachometer displays infront of Sam on the dashboard. The computer display ascends as the glass 'doors' on the vehicles close. The dispatcher contacts Sam Speed.]

Dispatcher: Captain, the hedgehog is on Route 1015. The fastest way there is to take the 508.

Sam Speed: Okay, I got it. Everyone hear that? Let's go!

[He activates a series of police lights around the cruiser, and they roll out of the garage onto the main roads. A race light prepares the S-Team. It activates three times and beeps.]

Sam Speed: GO!

[The S-Team speed off down the highway at high speed with sirens going off.]

[At another part of the highway, Sonic has stopped and is sitting on top of a light post, staring at the full moon.]

Sonic: The sky at night is the same. The stars too, and the moon as well.

[He remembers back to earlier that night with Eggman's machine overloading and him standing in surprise infront of Cream. He dwells on this for a few moments.]

Sonic: The Chaos Emeralds' power did this?

[He looks out at the cityscape.]

Sonic: *thinking* Is this a different world, or time-travel? Am I alone, or did everyone else...with me...

[He stands up.]

Sonic: Well, that's alright. I'll work things out!

[He jumps back down onto the highway, with the sound of sirens approaching. He looks on as the S-Team vehicles stop infront of him. Sam opens the hatch door on his car and steps out.]

Sam Speed: Yo, blue hedgehog. There's been a local search for you, thank you for waiting.

[Sonic goes to run off.]

Sam Speed: Wait.

[Sonic stops and turns back toward him.]

Sam Speed: You should hear a person's words out until the end. This city is...this place is too peaceful. In the last year, only one criminal has been captured. He brought his formula machine out onto the freeway, pretending to be a racer. His fun only lasted two minutes.

[Sonic looks over, more curious.]

Sam Speed: He drove from place to place. Hell, you can make ramen in two minutes, you know? Hey, this is the part where you're supposed to laugh.

[Sonic turns around fully, smiling.]

Sonic: Hmph!

Sam Speed: That's close enough. Well, in this city, we're unique; the special high-speed highway force - The S-Team. I'm the captain, I'm called "Highwest". Sorry, that was a long introduction, from now on, things will be fast.

[The other cars rev their engines, spooking Sonic who runs off, while the cars chase after him. Sam Speed remains beside his car as he watches the rest of his team continue on.]

Sam Speed: *thinking* Stay alive, until I can catch you.

[Sonic runs along the very long and winding highway, with the remaining S-Team members on his tail. Despite his speed, the team is able to stay with him, though he is running with an obvious smirk on his face. He looks back.]

Sonic: So you want to play tag? This should be interesting!

[He increases his speed.]

S-Team Member 1: The hedgehog has sped up! Raise the rear wing by 20 degrees, boost now! The rest of you will back me up!

[He presses a button on his steering wheel, charging up a booster in his vehicle, launching it at a high speed. One of the vehicles approaches beside Sonic, but he still keeps his smirk. He looks over to see another S-Team vehicle beside him.]

Sonic: Wait, you're not the same guy from before!

[Another vehicle comes up to Sonic's left, forcing the vehicle infront of it to go infront of Sonic. The fourth vehicle goes behind Sonic, boxing him in. Sonic gets a worried look on his face.]

Sonic: Aww, at this rate I'll be caught.

[He smirks]

Sonic: Yeah, right!

[He speeds up and disappears. One of the drivers looks around for him.]

S-Team Member 2: He's disappeared, vanished!

[Sonic appears on the other side of the driver's vehicle. He knocks on his window, causing the driver to look over.]

S-Team Member 2: Huh?!

[Sonic dashes away. The first driver continues on, with Sonic standing on the roof and looking down into his cockpit, surprising him.]

S-Team Member 1: Hey, quit it! That's dangerous! All the good kids out there will copy you!

[Sonic looks at the camera.]

Sonic: Kids, don't stand on moving cars.

[He jumps ahead of the vehicle and continues on, making the first driver mad.]

S-Team Member 1: He's making fools of the S-Team! I'll show you! Let's go!

[He puts some commands into the keypad on his wheel.]

S-Team Member 1: Full booster! Stairwing racing mode!

S-Team: Roger!

[The vehicles speed up, reaching over 250 kilometers per hour and rising to over 285. Despite their speed, they can only barely keep up to Sonic. The main driver stares on in anger, flooring the gas pedal to get as much speed as he can.]

S-Team Member 1: Full throttle!

[The speedometer exceeds 290 kilometers per hour. He continues to stare on, until a sight catches him by surprise: Sonic running backwards without losing speed.]

S-Team Member 1: WHAT?!

[He runs backwards at equal speed right infront of the main driver, with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face.]

S-Team Member 1: Im-impossible! Is he stupid?!

[Sam Speed is watching everything occur from behind the group. He listens in as the other lead member of the S-Team reports in.]

S-Team Member 1: He's running backwards! What's with this thing?! Captain, please do something!

S-Team Member 2: This is so annoying!

Sam Speed: Everyone move away from the center lane, it's time for my special juice.

[Sam is driving behind the group. The group move aside, opening up the center lane for Sam.]

Sam Speed: It's unbelievable that I have to use this now. But, on my pass in front of completely unforgivable.

[He reaches down to a lever.]

Sam Speed: Super Nitro, on!

[He turns the lever, activating the nitro in his vehicle. The nitro enters the engine, launching the vehicle at a hyper-fast speed past his teammates. Sonic, still running backwards, looks on as Sam's vehicle catches up to him. He moves aside, causing Sam to pass him. The nitro tank in Sam's car enters a state of duress from use, with the vehicle reaching speeds of over 450 kilometers per hour, approaching 500. Sam looks on with satisfaction.]

Sam Speed: Here...I cannot let anybody be faster than me. To pass me now, you'll need to be faster than the speed of sound.

[Suddenly, Sam looks over and sees Sonic catching up, passing the speed of sound with a sonic boom as he passes him. He launches pass him at faster than the speed of sound. Sam looks on, astonished.]

Sam Speed: A sonic boom?!


Information Card

Sonic Boom
A noise made when jets break the sound barrier.


Sam Speed: It's over...

S-Team Member 1: Captain, we're reaching the end point!

[Sam looks down in surprise, releasing parachutes to slow the vehicle down. He pushes down as hard as he can on the brake pedal to stop the vehicle before it reaches the end of the highway, which is under construction. Sonic looks back with joy, but looks ahead to see the end of the highway under construction. He launches off the end of the highway and into the air at a fast speed, passing a large windmill farm, causing them to spin rapidly, greatly lighting up the city that they look over. Sonic, gliding over the city, still in the air, looks down at all the lights lit up from the windmills. He whistles in amazement.]

Sonic: That's kind of pretty.

[He looks back at the highway.]

Sonic: And this place has some interesting people. This might be fun!

[Sam Speed, who has stopped his vehicle, looks on from the edge of the highway. Sonic, meanwhile, continues to glide through the air, only to find himself coming closer to a pool in a large yard. He looks on in shock as he realizes he's losing speed and is about to fall.]

Sonic: A...A pool?!

[He looks at the camera nervously.]

Sonic: Wa...ter?

[He tries to stop his fall by rapidly kicking air in an attempt to move, but fails. He looks at the camera than falls down, straight into the pool with a large splash of water.]

[In the house beside the pool, Chris Thorndyke is asleep in his bed. He wakes up after hearing the splash and gets up. Sonic, meanwhile, sinks to the bottom of the pool. He jumps in an attempt to get out, but can't make it to the surface, landing back at the bottom in a sitting pose. He stares for a moment, then looks around for a way to get out. He sees a ladder, so he stands up and tries to run for it, but can't get any grip with the ground and doesn't move.]

[Inside the house, Chris turns on a desk light and looks out his window at the pool. He leaves his room and rushes down the hallway to exit the house, running down a spiral staircase to the door. He exits the house and runs for the pool as Sonic keeps trying to run for the ladder, but can barely move. He gives up and sits back down, crossing his arms and looking at the camera impatiently. Suddenly, Chris dives into the water, causing Sonic to look up. Chris holds out his arm, trying to grab Sonic. Sonic reaches up, and Chris grabs him, pulling him up to the surface and out of the water.]

[Sonic coughs, trying to catch his breath beside the pool. Chris is kneeling beside him.]

Chris: Are you alright?

Sonic: Yeah, thank you.

[Sonic looks up at Chris, who is looking at him surprised.]

Chris: You...can speak?

Sonic: Of course...

Chris: Wow! really can speak! I'm Chris, and you, what's your name?

Sonic: I'm Sonic...Sonic the Hedgehog!