Eggman Corporation

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SonicX 40 JP TitleCard.jpg
Sonic X episode #40
"Eggman Corporation"
Written by:
Directed by: Masafumi Sato
Production no.: 040
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

Eggman Corporation is the 40th episode in the first season of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Sunblock Solution.

Episode Summary

New Year's Day celebrations are interrupted when the moon--recently repaired by Dr. Eggman--shifts its orbit and blocks the sun. Eggman claims that this is an accident, but that repairing it will take a year. In the meantime, he sets up a satellite and mirror towers to capture sunlight from the far side of the moon, and establishes Eggman Incorporated, which sells sunlight-emitting devices to households.

The "Sunshine Ball" devices are phenomenally popular, and the President even declares Eggman a hero for providing them. Sonic, however, has misgivings, and destroys several mirror towers, cutting off Station Square's sunlight supply. The public declares Sonic a menace, and a mass of protesters storms Chris's house. Eggman proclaims that it's all over for Sonic, and that next week, the show will be titled "Eggman X".

Eyecatch Cards

Title card with the show being "renamed" Eggman X.
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