Eggball No.2

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Fast Facts on Eggball No.2

Game: Sonic Advance 3
Stage: Sunset Hill

The second boss of Sonic Advance 3, Sunset Hill's boss (named the "Egg Wheeler" by fans) resembles the Catcher Eggman boss in that its an enclosed arena. Eggman rolls around the arena in a giant wheel shaped machine able to stick to the walls and ceiling. While the pattern is seemingly erratic, a platform can be activated by a button and the player becomes able to reach Eggman no matter where he is (interestingly enough, Eggman can also activate this platform if he rolls over the corresponding button). Only Eggman's cockpit is vulnerable and Gemerl is stationed just under him.

Defeating this boss advances the player to Sonic Advance 3's third stage, Ocean Base.

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