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A Baby Kiki in Twinkle Park.
Baby Kiki model, from Sonic Adventure.

E-01 Baby Kiki is the first badnik of Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik's E-Series. Found in Sonic Adventure, the Baby Kiki is an evolution of the old Coconuts model badnik; a mechanical monkey who lobs projectiles in the player's direction, though these simians throw explosive bombs rather than just coconuts. No longer confined to the trees either, Baby Kikis are commonly found occupying the high ground on top of boxes or other raised platforms. As with other Sonic Adventure E-Series robots, the Baby Kiki uses robotized animals as its power source.

Apparently unconcerned about child vehicular homacide, Eggman builds Baby Kikis with the ability to drive, giving rise to two variants of the robot in Sonic Adventure: E-08 Kart Kiki and E-10 Cop Speeder. A near-identical robot, the E-20 Kiki, drops the baby status in Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2.

Sonic Adventure

Baby Kikis are are found in high places or on the ground. It iddles about either watching the scenary if in high places, or scratching its head every now and then if on the ground. The ones on trees and some on the ground always carry bombs. It will snicker while jumping and doing sommersaults excitedly if the attack is succesfull. Some bombs might explode right away or after awhile, allowing a character to pick them up and throw them at badniks to destroy them. There are some who linger on the ground and can run slightly away from a character if spotted, or they will try and hurt them by coming close.

Character Stage
Sonic Emerald Coast, Twinkle Park, Red Mountain
Knuckles Red Mountain
Amy Twinkle Park, Hot Shelter
Big Emerald Coast, Twinkle Park, Hot Shelter
E-102 Emerald Coast, Red Mountain, Hot Shelter

There are also two Baby Kikis in cages out in the Adventure Fields, for both Sonic and Knuckles stories. The first is destroyed by using Light Speed Attack thanks to the Ancient Light upgrade, while the second is destroyed by using the Shovel Claw to dig up a self-destruct switch... to throw at the cage.

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