Dark Chao Walker

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Sa2b darkchao walker.png
Dark Chao Walker
First seen: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (2001)
User: Dark Chao
Created by: Dr. EggmanMedia:SA2B GC US manual.pdf[1][2]

The Dark Chao WalkerMedia:SA2B GC US manual.pdf[1] (ダークチャオウォーカー[3]) is a combat mech that appears in the two-player battle mode in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Dr. Eggman created this very powerful machine so the mean Dark Chao can fight.Media:SA2B GC US manual.pdf[1][2]

It is the Dark equivalent of the regular Chao Walker.


The Dark Chao Walker is styled after the Dark Chao themselves, with the main body consisting of a Dark Chao head with all of the Chao's limbs attached to it, but with a large grin in place of the eyes. The Dark Chao Walker did not originally appear in Sonic Adventure 2, but was added to the shooting battles in the multiplayer mode of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and the 2012 re-release, replacing Big the Cat.

In terms of combat ability, the Dark Chao Walker is the polar opposite of the regular Chao Walker: it has the highest attack power and defensive capabilities of all the combat mechs, being capable of delivering high-powered and long-ranged attacks. To offset this, it is the slowest-moving mech in the game, and the power of its Volkan Cannon isn't very effective.Media:SA2B GC US manual.pdf[1] The Dark Chao Walker also uses a Dark Omochao for its punch attack.

The Dark Chao Walker also appeared in Sonic Runners as an equippable Buddy. It was an S Rare Fly Type Buddy that would activate a temporary Crystal-magnet effect at certain combos, and was available on the Premium Roulette.

Special attacks

The following are the special attacks used by the Dark Chao Walker in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle's multiplayer mode:

Rings Special attack Effect
20 Crazy Rush Fires many Homing Missiles simultaneously. Compared to other characters, it fires two rounds.
40 Hell Bomber Fires multiple rockets upwards. Fires more rockets than other characters.
60 Dark Finish Fires a super-size laser from the front. Lasts roughly 50% longer than other characters.