Dark Castle

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Dark Castle
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Dark Castle
Fourth level, Tails' Skypatrol
Level theme: spooky/supernatural
Secondary level theme: industrial
Boss: Witchcart
Metal Island

Dark Castle is the fourth and final level of Tails' Skypatrol. It is home to the wicked Witchcart, who is the boss for this level. Its exterior is made of brick, but on the inside lie all sorts of death-trap contraptions. The castle is heavily guarded by cannons, which home in on Tails when firing. Checkpoint Bells are often hidden from normal sight, especially when the player goes off-route to collect hidden items.


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  • This area has two invincibility items laid out one after the other. With crafty flying, the player can obtain both.
  • This is the only area that starts the player off within enemy range.
  • The background resembles the city in the background of Casino Night Zone.
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