Dangerous Ball Tower (Sonic Mania Boss)

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Dangerous Ball Tower (Sonic Mania Boss)

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Fast Facts on Dangerous Ball Tower (Sonic Mania Boss)

Game: Sonic Mania
Stage: Mirage Saloon Zone (Mini-Boss)
Hits to defeat: 6
Fought by: Knuckles

For the original Sonic Chaos boss, see Dangerous Ball Tower. For the mini-boss fought in Sonic and Tails' version of this stage, see Uber Caterkiller.

The Dangerous Ball Tower is the eighth mini-boss encountered in Sonic Mania when playing as Knuckles, and is encountered at the end of Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1. It is based on the Dangerous Ball Tower boss from Sonic Chaos.

Defeat Strategy

Just like the 8-bit boss it's based on, this mini-boss will rise up from the ground on entering the arena and proceed to launch each segment of its body at Knuckles until only its head remains. The first and third segments will bounce across the screen, and the second will simply roll along the ground. Once only the head remains, it will rise up from the ground to reveal three more body segments and the cycle will begin anew. As with the original, the player can damage it by hitting its head with a Spin Attack when it's low enough to reach.

After six hits, the boss will explode and the player can proceed to the signpost to finish the Act.

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