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Current owner(s): H Hog
Type of site: "games that pretty much kick ass"
Created on: 1999
Current status: Online

Coldflame is the current name for the site neglectively maintained by H Hog, as well as the "business name" he uses to release projects such as fangames under.


The site started out early 1999, under the name H Hog's Zone, hosted on the free Xoom website. An optimistic attempt at creating a site based mostly on fan input, planning to incorporate fan art, fiction, and other media - such as hoaxes; the latter of which eventually turned out to be the most updated aspect of the site. Eventually the site got booted off of Xoom, and several free site hosting attempts later, H Hog's Zone found a new place hosted under, formerly known as Eventually the site got pulled from there as well, leading a nomadic existance through, and, changing its name to Coldflame along the way, until finally settling down on the current, hosted by Eric (formerly known as TLoB).


Coldflame remains to this day a small and obscure website, with little Sonic-related material to speak of - instead, H Hog uses his site mainly to showcase his comics, drawn and written art, and basically just linking to the sites he likes to plug, all the while promising there'll be something substantial "soon™".

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