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These are unlockables for Sonic and the Secret Rings which can be accessed by obtaining a certain amount of items or reaching certain goals.

Unlockable Elemental Crests

  • Dark Crest: 100 Silver Medals.
  • Fire Crest: 105 Silver Medals.
  • Wind Crest: 110 Silver Medals.


  • Bookworm: Play a total time of 24 hours.
  • Celebrity: Earned by playing attractions a total of 35 times.
  • Chain Striker: Earned by obtaining 200 Ring chains.
  • Champion: Win 1st in 120 Party Games.
  • Dark Master: Beat 20 missions using at least 5 Dark skills and no Wind/Fire skills.
  • Dealer: Earned by winning World Bazaar a total of 7 times.
  • Explorer: Earned by winning at Treasure hunt a total of 7 times.
  • Extreme Speeder: Use Speed Break a total of 50 times.
  • Flame Master: Beat 20 missions using at least 5 Fire skills and no Wind/Dark skills.
  • Genie Buster: Defeat a total of 1,000 Genies.
  • Grind Performer: Grind a Distance of 30Km (18.64 miles).
  • Hero: Defeat Erazor Djinn.
  • Pirate: Earned by winning at Pirates Coast a total of 7 times.
  • Rebellion: Beat Erazor Djinn at level 25 or lower.
  • Record Buster: Set records for all party games that have records.
  • Ring Catcher: Collect a total of 10,000 Rings.
  • Skill Collector: Unlock every skill available.
  • Skill Quinti: Beat 20 missions using 4 or less skills.
  • Skill Saver: Beat 30 missions using less than 100 SP.
  • Sonic Freak: Use Sonic 30 times in Party Mode.
  • Soul Collector: Collect every Fire Soul.
  • Star: Earned by playing party games a total of 200 times.
  • Super Player: Reach level 99.
  • The Ultimate: Collect all Gold Medals.
  • Thief: Earned by winning at Genie's Lair a total of 7 times.
  • Time Controller: Use Time Break for a total of 300 seconds.
  • Trier: Earned by winning Tournament Palace a total of 7 times.
  • True Hero: Defeat Alf Layla wa Layla.
  • Wind Master: Beat 20 missions using at least 5 Wind skills and no Fire/Dark skills.
  • World Traveler: Travel a total of 500 km (310.7 mi).

Party Mode

  • Blaze: 105 Fire Souls.
  • Cream: 042 Fire Souls.
  • Shadow: 030 Fire Souls.
  • Silver: 087 Fire Souls.
  • Aim! Big Crossbow: 006 Fire Souls.
  • Cross! Balance Race: 048 Fire Souls.
  • Extreme Difficulty: 114 Fire Souls.
  • Final X Adventure: 126 Fire Souls.
  • Fly! Ptero-Rider: 078 Fire Souls.
  • Put It Out! Big Fire: 060 Fire Souls.
  • Reel! Battle Fishing: 024 Fire Souls.
  • Row! Canoe Race: 018 Fire Souls.
  • Sink 'Em! Pirate Ship: 012 Fire Souls.
  • Spin! Propeller Race: 096 Fire Souls.
  • Thrust! Bone Knight: 036 Fire Souls.
  • Watch Out! Trap: 054 Fire Souls.
  • World Bazaar: 069 Fire Souls.

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