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This is the Chaotix OSV for Chaotix. To listen to a track, press play next to that track's name. Because of the high quantity of bandwidth consumed, downloadable versions of the music are no longer available.

Song Name File Usage
1. Door Into Summer <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/01 - Door Into Summer.mp3</flashmp3> Isolated Island after getting Espio
2. Electoria <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/02 - Electoria.mp3</flashmp3> Techno Tower
3. Speed of Sound <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/03 - Speed of Sound.mp3</flashmp3> Speed Slider
4. Seascape <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/04 - Seascape.mp3</flashmp3> Marina Madness
5. Midnight Greenhouse <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/05 - Midnight Greenhouse.mp3</flashmp3> Botanic Base
6. New Moon <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/06 - New Moon.mp3</flashmp3> Amazing Arena with lights on
7. Labyrinth <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/07 - Labyrinth.mp3</flashmp3> Amazing Arena with lights out
8. Trial and Error <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/08 - Trial and Error.mp3</flashmp3> Amazing Arena Sub-boss
9. Walkin' <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/09 - Walkin'.mp3</flashmp3> World lobby, morning
10. Hyper-Hyper <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/10 - Hyper-Hyper.mp3</flashmp3> World lobby, day
11. Evening Star <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/11 - Evening Star.mp3</flashmp3> World lobby, sunset
12. Moonrise <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/12 - Moonrise.mp3</flashmp3> World lobby, night
13. Overture <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/13 - Overture.mp3</flashmp3> Intro
14. This Horizon <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/14 - This Horizon.mp3</flashmp3> Title screen
15. Take Off <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/15 - Take Off.mp3</flashmp3> Character select menu
16. Combination <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/16 - Combination.mp3</flashmp3> Practice mode
17. Take a Nap <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/17 - Take a Nap.mp3</flashmp3> Isolated Island before getting Espio
18. Surging Power <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/18 - Surging Power.mp3</flashmp3> Invincibility
19. Mechanical Dance <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/19 - Mechanical Dance.mp3</flashmp3> Level failure
20. Tube Panic <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/20 - Tube Panic.mp3</flashmp3> Special Stage
21. Crystal Nightmare <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/21 - Crystal Nightmare.mp3</flashmp3> Techno Tower Boss
22. Child's Song <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/22 - Child's Song.mp3</flashmp3> Speed Slider Boss
23. Soda Pop <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/23 - Soda Pop.mp3</flashmp3> Marina Madness Boss
24. Pendulum <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/24 - Pendulum.mp3</flashmp3> Botanic Base Boss
25. Silver Screen <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/25 - Silver Screen.mp3</flashmp3> Amazing Arena Boss
26. Tachy Touch <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/26 - Tachy Touch.mp3</flashmp3> Bonus Stage
27. Chaotic World <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/27 - Chaotic World.mp3</flashmp3> Attraction selection machine
28. Surprise! <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/28 - Surprise!.mp3</flashmp3> Penultimate boss
29. Nice Meeting You <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/29 - Nice Meeting You.mp3</flashmp3> Combi Catcher
30. Have a Happy Day <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/30 - Have a Happy Day.mp3</flashmp3> File select menu, 1P/2P select menu, Training select menu
31. Reach the Goal <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/31 - Reach the Goal.mp3</flashmp3> Level complete
32. High Five <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/32 - High Five.mp3</flashmp3> Partner chosen
33. Decision <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/33 - Decision.mp3</flashmp3>
34. From Party to Party <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/34 - From Party to Party.mp3</flashmp3> Transition from completed level to world lobby
35. Have Some Fun <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/35 - Have Some Fun.mp3</flashmp3> Boss approaches
36. Oriental Legend <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/36 - Oriental Legend.mp3</flashmp3> Metal Sonic Kai (Final boss)
37. Steel Heart <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/37 - Steel Heart.mp3</flashmp3> Meeting Robotnik and Metal Sonic for the first time
38. Tribute <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/38 - Tribute.mp3</flashmp3> Chaos Rings being destroyed screen
39. Destructive Power <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/39 - Destructive Power.mp3</flashmp3> Bad ending
40. Just Another Day <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/40 - Just Another Day.mp3</flashmp3> Good ending
41. Decision 2nd <flashmp3>Knuckles Chaotix/41 - Decision 2nd.mp3</flashmp3> Attraction chosen

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