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Latest version: 0.3.2 (2nd Demo)
Latest release date: November 9th, 2002
Engine: Multimedia Fusion
Credits: Magicgrafx (Aytaç Aksu), Hez (Andrew Chapman), 360, and others

Chaomega is a collaboration between Magicgrafx (Aytaç Aksu), Hez (Andrew Chapman) and other members from SFGHQ, being a merger between Magicgrafx's "Chaos" games series, and Hez's old "Omega" fangame. Both lacked certain capabilities to create a solid fangame by themselves (for example: Aytaç didn't know much about art, and Hez lacked the necessary engines), so they both came together to create this revolutionary project for its time.

The fangame was also influenced by the most recent official game at the time, Sonic Adventure 2, being the main reason for the addition of Shadow the Hedgehog as a playable character since the beginning.


Like Sonic Unity, the game maintains the same mechanics as the classic Sonic games, although it was given some gimmicks from Sonic Adventure 2 such as the addition of rails and the Homing Attack.

The 2nd demo includes two entire levels, being "Desert Heat Zone", and "Mud Forest Zone". Along with 2 playable characters (Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog), which differ slightly in their movesets.


After the launch of the 2nd demo, 360 (Desert Heat's level designer) thought that in order to develop the next level, he would need the game's engine for better performance. Although Aytaç was disconnected at that time, 360 spoke with Hez about the idea, which ended up convincing him to give 360 the engine of the project (although he never used it, due to its complexity). To all this, Aytaç never knew back then anything about this event; but one day found out about it, and caused him to go completely ballistic with everyone.

After these events, Chaomega was completely canceled (with several attempts of the team to revive it, ending in vain), and Sonic Unity (its spiritual successor) was starting to be developed.



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