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Camp Sonic
Current owner(s): David Leggett
Type of site: Information
Created on: 25th March, 2008
Current status: Offline

Camp Sonic was a Sonic news site that dedicated itself to the developments of future Sonic titles.

It was created when the Sonic Unleashed hype was becoming insane, and became the go-to site for the latest in real Sonic Unleashed news all the way to its launch. Once Unleashed was released, the updates stopped, and the site was left unmaintained for quite some time.

In May 2010, David revamped the site layout, and announced a new direction for the site. It would now update on all new Sonic game news, and not just one, which was the problem with the site before. He also began adding other people to update the site so there would be constant updates. By updating on all future games, and having more people to update, the site was here to stay.

However, the site only got a few updates after the site revamp, and since then has been on hitus once again. The website was not maintained afterwords, and more recently has stopped working altogether.