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First seen: Sonic and the Black Knight (2009)
Species: Sword
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Caliburn is a talking weapon used by Sonic the Hedgehog through most of Sonic and the Black Knight. He acts like a proper gentleman and is something of a strict teacher, which initially clashes with Sonic's easy-going attitude. As one of the Sacred Swords of the Grand Kingdom, Caliburn is a component of Excalibur, along with Arondight, Galatine, and Laevatien.

Character conception

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At the end of the game's second mission in Misty Lake, Sonic pulls Caliburn out of the cliff where he's been buried for years. To his surprise, Sonic discovers the sword has a mind of its own and can talk. Caliburn doesn't approve of the hedgehog initially, and the two trade insults ("knave" and "oversized letter opener" being their respective favourites) throughout the game. Nevertheless, Sonic gradually improves in the swordsmanship stakes as he and Caliburn take down the Knights of the Underworld and the Knights of the Round Table.

During Sonic's futile battle against the eventually antagonistic Merlina the Wizard in Dark Hollow, Caliburn is broken in half by her vicious attacks. Sonic's determination in the face of defeat prompts the bisected sword's transformation into the legendary Excalibur, simultaneously turning Sonic into Excalibur-Sonic. They work together and defeat the final boss, the Dark Queen.

During the end sequence, Caliburn reveals that he is the only one authorized to determine who receives the crown of the Grand Kingdom after the demise of the illusory Black Knight King Arthur on Faraway Avalon. The Knights of the Round Table are shocked to realize that this means Sonic himself was the TRUE King Arthur the entire time.

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