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Blue Coast Zone
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Blue Coast Zone
First Zone, Sonic Rivals 2
Number of Acts: 3 + Boss
Level theme: tropical island
Boss: Egg Liner
Sunset Forest Zone

Blue Coast Zone is the opening level of Sonic Rivals 2 for the PSP. A beach side area crammed full of Greco-Roman buildings, the Zone contains three Acts plus a boss fight at the end. As with most of Rivals 2, the Zone is located on an unnamed island somewhere in Sonic's world.

An unusual variation on the Tropical Island theme, Blue Coast Zone does indeed feature palm trees and beaches, but they are very much overshadowed by the vast quantity of alabaster masonry and blue/white paving stones of the Classical-style seafront. The giant edifices of Oceanside development sport artificial waterfalls and fountains throughout, along with centurion statues and hanging lapis lazuli draperies. The heavy Greek theme later returned in Sonic Unleashed's Apotos region.


The various intertwining journeys of the eight playable characters all start off in Blue Coast Zone. Sonic rendezvous with Tails, who reports that chao have been disappearing lately. The fox suspects Eggman, who (seemingly) is somewhere on the island as well. Meanwhile Knuckles, having recently lost the Master Emerald again, encounters Rouge, who (it is later revealed) is snooping around for the Chaos Emeralds. Rouge offers to lead the echidna to Eggman, under the presumption that the scientist will (as usual) be in some way responsible for the Master Emerald's disappearance. The two duos bump into each other, with Sonic and Knuckles racing to find Eggman first, while Tails chases Rouge after she threatens to pre-inform the Doctor about Sonic & Tails' presence on the island.

Elsewhere in the Zone, Espio receives a transmission from Vector instructing him to investigate the same chao disappearances. Vector suspects Silver's involvement, and tells Espio to go undercover to tail the futuristic hedgehog. Simultaneously, Shadow is surprised to find himself hunted down by Metal Sonic. Communicating through the robot's speakers, Dr. Eggman enigmatically requests the Ultimate Lifeform's help in preventing the destruction of the world. Before he can elaborate, he spots Silver and Espio, and orders Shadow and Metal Sonic to pursue them. Shadow follows Silver while the robot chases Espio.

Level Composition

ACT Sonic Tails Knuckles Rouge Shadow Metal Sonic Espio Silver
Act 1 Race: Knuckles Race: Rouge Race: Sonic Race: Tails Race: Silver Race: Espio Race: Metal Sonic Race: Shadow
Act 2 Knock-Out (3): Knuckles Tag (0:45): Rouge Knock-Out (3): Sonic Tag (1:30): Tails Knock-Out (3): Silver Knock-Out (3): Espio Laps Race: Metal Sonic Knock-Out (3): Shadow
Act 3 Race: Tails vs. Rouge Race: Sonic vs. Knuckles Race: Rouge vs. Tails Race: Knuckles vs. Sonic Race: Metal Sonic vs. Espio Race: Shadow vs. Silver Race: Silver vs. Shadow Race: Espio vs. Metal Sonic
Boss Vs. Knuckles Vs. Rouge Vs. Sonic Vs. Tails Vs. Silver Vs. Espio Vs. Metal Sonic Vs. Shadow


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