Blue Balls

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Blue Balls
Category: Special Stage editor
Version: 1.02
System: Microsoft Windows
Supported Games: Sonic 3
Credits: nineko

Blue Balls is a Sonic 3 special stage editor created by nineko. Blue Balls is unique in that it edits special stage data contained in a single file, unlike editors that modify data directly in a ROM, like Esrael Sonic Editor.

The main features of this program include:

  • Changing the layout of special stages
  • Changing the player's starting position and orientation in a special stage
  • Altering the number of rings required to achieve a Perfect Bonus

This program is designed to edit only Sonic 3's special stage data; however, if special stage data from Sonic & Knuckles is decompressed from the Kosinski format using The Sega Data Compressor, Blue Balls can also edit this data.


Locate the file to be edited, and press Load. To create a new special stage file, type a filename that doesn't exist and press save. A new blank layout will be created with that filename. Press Save to save special stage data into the file indicated. In Blue Balls, a specific type of ball can be assigned to both the mouse buttons and to the wheel. The player's starting position and orientation in a special stage can be manipulated by the controls under "Start Orientation" and "Start Position." The number of rings needed to achieve a perfect can be set under the "Perfect" control. This value can be set between 0 and 999.


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File: (26 kB) (info)
Current version: v1.02


  • Windows 95 or greater
  • Recommended resolution of 1152x864 or greater
  • Installation of Msvbvm50.exe (to run applications created with Visual Basic 5.0)

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