Balloon Park Zone

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Balloon Park Zone
Balloon Park Zone
Second 2P level, Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Level theme: carnival/casino
Non-English names:
Azure Lake Zone | Chrome Gadget Zone

Balloon Park Zone is the second zone in the Competition Mode of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, which seems to be in a sort of circus or amusement park area. Begin the level by going right through a loop to two moving elephant trunks. Quickly drop in the moving gap between them. It's tricky to do this quickly. Below are three pop bumpers and a conveyor belt on the floor. Run or spin dash right to a yellow balloon. You need to bounce on this balloon by jumping on top of it. You must land squarely on top of it to bounce straight up. If you touch it without bouncing on it, it will pop and you'll have to wait a second for another one to materialize (move out of the way so you don't pop it too). Bounce up to the left, then try to land right on top of another balloon, and bounce up to the start pole again.


You'll have a lot to celebrate after completing this Zone. Jump onto the top of colorful balloons and you'll shoot Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles upwards.


There is a known cheat in this level, making it possible to finish the level in under 10 seconds. Right at the beginning, jump down to the left where the yellow balloon is (if you accidentally touch it, wait until it reappears). Jump on the top of the balloon and walk up the wall next to it. After reaching the top of the level (which is a quarter-loop) you will make a move like you are walking around a normal loop and move upwards. You will get stuck there and there is no way to escape either. However, now you can move to the right and do the whole course in a very low time. You only need to do 1 jump per lap to jump over a small gap. The collision has been fixed in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, making this cheat impossible to do in that game; however, due to S3&K using FRAM data from the Sonic 3 cartridge, records achieved using the cheat will display in S3&K.


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