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This page has a list of articles for Sonic the Hedgehog CD and covers short magazine articles not deserving of their own page.

File Date Source Article type Title and comments Writer(s) Review score
MeanMachinesSega01UK.pdf 1992-10 Mean Machines Sega #1 Preview "Mega CD Sonic Update"
Short article describing the game as an enhanced version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 called "Super Sonic".
MeanMachinesSega05UK.pdf 1993-02 Mean Machines Sega #5 News "Sonic Speaks!"
Short article about the game, still called "Super Sonic" at this point, and how voice acting will be included.
MeanMachinesSega11UK.pdf 1993-09 Mean Machines Sega #11 News "Super Speedy Sonic"
Short preview of the game, with comments about Sonic speaking, animated cutscenes and CD music.
MeanMachinesSega12UK.pdf MeanMachinesSega12UK.pdf 1993-10 Mean Machines Sega #12 Preview "Preview: Sonic CD"
Five-page preview and cover article. Topics covered include the soundtrack, Sonic's girlfriend "Rosy", the time travel game mechanic, and all six zones. Oil slicks are visible on the Special Stage floor, which were removed before the final release. The game is estimated to be 70% complete, with an expected October release date.
MeanMachinesSega13UK.pdf 1993-11 Mean Machines Sega #13 Review "Review: Sonic CD"
Three-page review, detailing the game's story (including Sonic's girlfriend "Rosy"), time travel, and CD-quality soundtrack. Overall the review is positive, although the writers criticise the lack of innovation and monotonous levels. The soundtrack is received favourably, with a score of 94% for sound, and an overall score of 83%.
Tom Guise, Richard Leadbetter 83
SegaMagazin DE 02.pdf 1993-11 Sega Magazin #2 Review "Review: Sonic CD"
A two-page review for the game. It gets a 85% for graphics, 88% for sound, and a 89% overall.
VideoGames DE 1993-11.pdf VideoGames DE 1993-11.pdf 1993-11 Video Games #1993-11 Preview "Warpzone: Sonic the Hedgehog CD"
VideoGames DE 1994-01.pdf 1994-01 Video Games #1994-01 Review "ROM Test: Sonic CD"
MeanMachinesSega17UK.pdf 1994-03 Mean Machines Sega #17 Tips "Mega-CD Tips: Sonic CD"
Short paragraph describing the level select code.
Paul Glancey
MeanMachinesSega19UK.pdf 1994-05 Mean Machines Sega #19 Tips "Tips: Sonic CD"
Short paragraph describing the level select code, repeated from issue #17.
Paul Glancey
VideoGames DE 1994-07.pdf 1994-07 Video Games #1994-07 Tips "Interface: Sonic CD"
MeanMachinesSega30UK.pdf 1995-04 Mean Machines Sega #30 Tips "The Complete Sonic Tips Guide"
Single paragraph explaining the level select code. Part of a retrospective of codes on Mega Drive Sonic games.
Paul Bufton

Full-length articles

Electronic Gaming Monthly

Sonic 2 on Sega CD (August 1992)

This clip from "Electronic Gaming Monthly" has an announcement for Sonic CD but announces the game as a port of Sonic 2.

Da Miscellaneous Zone (December 1992)

This clip refers to Sonic CD as Sonic 2 CD.

S2 ElectronicGamingMonthly Issue41 December1992 Page183.jpg

Sega 1993 and Beyond (May 1993)

This clip contains a quote given to the press on what to expect of Sonic CD.

Sonic ElectricGamingMonthly Issue46 May1993 Page52.jpg

The Rankin Rap (August 1993)

This letter addresses the music of Sonic CD. The game was referenced as CD Sonic the Hedgehog.

Scd ElectronicGamingMonthly Issue49 August1993 Page18.jpg

The Q-Man Presents...Sonic CD (August 1993)

This clip mentions the game having sharp intermissions which probably refers to the cutscene of Sonic riding a CD.

Scd ElectronicGamingMonthly Issue49 August1993 Page34.jpg

Q-Man Update (August 1993)

This clip mentions how Sonic CD is over 70 levels large.

Scd ElectronicGamingMonthly Issue49 August1993 Page50.JPG


Super Sonic on CD (1992)

This clip from MegaTech mentions Sonic CD under the name of Super Sonic and as a enhanced Sonic 2.


Sonic CD: Next Month

This clip refers to Amy as Rosy and also mentions the fact that the Sonic game on Sega CD isn't Sonic 2. Many magazines had refered to a Sonic 2 for Sega CD but it turns out it was Sonic CD.


NEWS Incredible

This clip refers to Sonic CD as Super Sonic.



3 Sonic the Hedgehog (October 1992)

Mega had this small blurb about Super Sonic.

S1-2 MEGA 01 - Oct 1992 - Page76.jpg

Mega Mouth (October 1992)

This magazine speculates if Sonic 2 will be released on Sega CD.

S2 MEGA 01 - Oct 1992 - Page90.jpg

Super Sonic (January 1993)

The clip here shows a image of Sonic 1 but the article talks about Sonic CD.

S2 Mega Issue4 - January1993 Page22.JPG

Sonic CD (July 1993)

This clip contains a long Al Nilsen quote on his expectations for Sonic CD.

S2 Mega Issue10 - July1993 Page9.JPG

Sonic CD Looking Good (September 1993)

This clip mentions how the game is being displayed at Sega's London Headquarters.

Scd Mega September1993 Issue12 Page9.jpg

Sonic 2

This clip mentions Sonic 2 for the Sega CD as having cartoon quality slideshows.



CD Sonic Time Attack (June 1993)

This clip mentions the cartoon animation that takes place between levels. This was not used in the final game.

Scd MegaZone June1993.jpg

Sega Force

Sonic CD Slips Up (April 1993)

This clip reveals that Sonic CD sales have not reached expectations in Japan.

Scd-SegaForce April1993.jpg

Sega Visions

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

This clip briefly mentions Sonic 2 CD, which of course was Sonic CD.


Sonic the Comic


This article shows a prototype picture of Sonic CD.

Scd Spinball-Chaos-CD-271193.jpg

NewsZone - Sonic Booms

An article from issue five of Sonic the Comic showing the "first ever picture of Amy Rose".

NewsZone - Dark Sonic

An article from issue eight showcasing Metal Sonic.

Scd SonicTheComic.jpg

Super Sonic

Le Mega CD

This page has a few images of a early Sonic CD.

Supersonic Issue07 - Page 004.jpg

Unknown Magazine

Sonic-CD The Latest News

This clip reveals Sonic's voice actor in Sonic CD to be Keiko Utoku.

Scd Unknown magazine.png
Sonic the Hedgehog CD

Scd titlescreen.png

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