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The following are magazine articles concerning the Game Gear game Sonic Labyrinth.

File Date Source Title and comments
SegaMagazin DE 23.pdf "Newsbox: Sonic Labyrinth"
SegaMagazin DE 26.pdf "Review: Sonic Labyrinth"
GamePro US 078.pdf "ProReview: Game Gear - Sonic Labyrinth"
This small review by "The Unknown Gamer" in GamePro's January 1996 issue covers Labyrinth, comparing it to Marble Madness and noting that "this change-of-pace cart is a good addition to [Sonic's] handheld collection." The game received a 4.5/5 for graphics, 3.5/5 for sound, 4.0/5 for control and 4.5/5 fun factor.

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