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The Camelot townspeople are the standard population of King Arthur's castle-city, and the surrounding lands of the Grand Kingdom, in Sonic and the Black Knight.

Like some sort of crazy mash-up between dwarves, elves, and trees, the Camelot townspeople have long, pointed ears and a very short stature, scarcely topping Sonic's own 3'3'' in height. With pale yellowish skin and an apparent predeliction for facial tattoos, these munchkin-like citizens live everywhere from the deep forests to the volcanic outlands and rolling steppes. The Sonic and the Black Knight in-game encyclopedia explains [1] that they are not strictly speaking human, and that they breathe carbon dioxide instead of oxygen. Saving the townsfolk from the depredations of their ignoble king and his nightmare legions is the objective of many of the quests in Sonic and the Black Knight, particularly during the Camelot Castle, Titanic Plain, and Crystal Cave levels.

Not just passive bystanders to the blue hedgehog's blitzing through their environs, the Arthurian folk can in some cases be interacted with directly during a level, typically during a quick-fire-trigger trade event where Sonic can swap rings for what is often a rare item. Collisions with the local populace also count towards your score; swipe too carelessly with your sword in a crowded area and Sonic's "Knight Rating" takes a hit.

Regular humans are nowhere to be seen in Sonic and the Black Knight; King Arthur turns out to be an illusion, and Merlina the Wizard, though noticably taller than Sonic (as seen in the cutscenes), has the distinguishing long ears which mark her out as a member of this species.

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