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Arijigoku Mecha
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit)
Level: Under Ground Zone
Hits to defeat: 7 (self-defeating)

Arijigoku Mecha (アリジゴクメカ)Media:Sonic 2 GG JP Manual.pdf[1] (meaning "fire-ant robot") is the boss of Under Ground Zone, the first zone of the 8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog 2. In the middle of Act 3, Sonic rolls down a huge ramp only to find himself flying straight towards a lava pit; but at the last second, Robotnik comes to the hedgehog's rescue, catching him in the Eggmobile's pincers and depositing him "safely" by the Doodlebug Mecha - presumably in order to retrieve the first Chaos Emerald, which he assumes Sonic has in his possession.

The boss battle takes place on a ramp which has Arijigoku Mecha positioned at the bottom to bite the player if they get too close. Robotnik will release six silver balls down the left ramp from off-screen. As they bounce down the ramp, Sonic will need to jump to avoid them and let them hit the mech. It is easy to slide down the ramp so the directional pad will see constant use during the battle. The Game Gear version's smaller screen size, coupled with more erratic ball bouncing heights, makes doing this infamously difficult on the handheld; Master System gamers should not have too much of a problem, due to the larger screen resolution and the more predictable height of the ball's bounces.

After the sixth ball strikes the mech (or sometimes before it can strike the mech), Robotnik himself charges at Sonic in the Eggpod; just jump over him and let him destroy the mech, though take care not to jump into the ball if Robotnik charges early.



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