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The following is a list of officially-licensed Sonic-themed clothing.


Images Product Date Price Company Description
Puma rs0 sonic.jpgPuma rs0 eggman.jpg Shoes 2018-06Media:RS-0 SONIC-Still-1920x1080 00752.png[1] US$130[2]/£116[3]/€130[4] Puma "Puma x Sega"Media:PumaxSega logo.jpg[5] collaboration, consisting of two pairs of training shoes: The Puma RS-0 Sonic (blue with Green Hill Zone highlights) and Puma RS-0 Dr. Eggman (red with Scrap Brain Zone highlights). Both were released on 5 June 2018 in Europe and 12 June 2018 in the US.[2] The shoes come in a box decorated with Green Hill Zone graphics.[6]

United Kingdom

Images Product Date Price Company Description
Primark StH face tshirt.jpg T-shirt 2018 £6.00 Primark Men's t-shirt sold in Primark stores. Available in sizes XS-XXL.
Primark OneofaKind tshirt.jpg T-shirt 2018 Primark Men's t-shirt sold in Primark stores.[7]
Primark StH boys tshirt.jpg T-shirt 2017-09-05[8] £4.50[8] Primark T-shirt sold in Primark stores, for ages 2-7.[8]
Sonic socks 4 pack Asda UK.jpg Socks 201x £6.00 Asda Socks sold in Asda stores and online in packs of four, fits UK sizes 6-12.[9]
Numskull xmas jumper UK.jpg Jumper 2016-10-10[10] Numskull Jumper sold on Amazon, available in 7 sizes.[11]
Numskull GHZ jumper UK.jpgNumskull GHZ jumper UK photo.jpg Jumper 2016-10-07[12] Numskull Jumper sold on Amazon, available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL.[13] Also given away as a prize on SEGAbits.[14]
Numskull socks UK.jpgNumskull socks UK card.jpg Socks 2014-10-14[15] Numskull Socks sold in Tesco[16] and on Amazon in packs of three (Sonic, Dr. Eggman and Green Hill Zone patterns), fits UK sizes 6-11 (EU 39-46).[17]
CVG UK 136.pdf T-shirt 1993-02 £10.99-£14.99 Sonic Offers/Home Entertainment T-shirts sold by "Sonic Offers" or "Home Entertainment" through a P.O. box between February and May 1993. Came in 5 varieties - three at £10.99 and two at £14.99.


Images Product Date Price Company Description
Prisvideo SonicContraAtaca PT tshirt.jpgPrisvideo SonicContraAtaca1 PT tshirt.jpgPrisvideo SonicContraAtaca2 PT tshirt.jpgPrisvideo SonicContraAtaca3 PT tshirt.jpgPrisvideo SonicContraAtaca4 PT tshirt.jpg T-shirt 1994 Ecoplay Prisvideo Promotional t-shirt for the Sonic Contra-Ataca VHS cassette (the text reads Sonic Contra-Ataca, o meu filme... which translates for Sonic strikes back, my movie, or implied as my kind of movie...). Manufactured by Alhos Vedros-based Portuguese advertising objects manufacturing company Plural - Produção, Importação e Exportação de Objectos Publicitários, Lda.[18] at Prisvideo's request.
AWStam Training Suit PT Jacket Front.jpgAWStam Training Suit PT Jacket Back.jpgAWStam1 Training Suit PT Jacket Front.jpgAWStam Training Suit PT Pants Front.jpgAWStam Training Suit PT Pants Back.jpgAWStam Training Suit PT Label Front.jpgAWStam Training Suit PT Label Back.jpg Tracksuit 1994 A. W. Stam, Lda A children's training suit with artwork for Sonic Chaos. Manufactured by now defunct Oporto-based, Portuguese raw cotton importer and clothing manufacturing company Algodoeira W. Stam, Lda[19] (founded in 1937).


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