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Andrusi is a longtime Sonic fan who first entered the scene in the late nineties. His first claim to fame was hoaxing; he was one of the early SoStH hoaxers, and was one of the first people to make hoaxes that were specifically intended to be funny. At the time, he knew Kulock through the Sonic Powerzone mailing list, so when The Moogle Cavern opened a hoax section, it became the new home of his hoaxes. When hoaxing died down, he stayed on The Moogle Cavern's message boards, and eventually became interested in sprite comics as they were becoming popular, even starting one of his own featuring various MCers (named "Geable"). Some time after the board moved to a phpBB, he was made the moderator of the written works subforum, and was later promoted to a full moderator. He remained so until its eventual shutdown and made the move along with most of the other members over to Sonic Eats Rings as well, where he remains a semi-active poster to this very day.

He can also be found at the Bob and George forums, and a Transformers forum called The Allspark. (He makes the claim that he is also the most prominent member of the Altered Space: A 3-D Alien Adventure online fandom, on the basis that he believes he is the only member of said fandom because nobody remembers that game.) He currently makes three sprite comics: the long-running Mega Man comic "Mega Geable," the random, vaguely Sonic-based "Geable Geable Goo," and "Somewhat Cure," based on the magical girl anime Pretty Cure. Andrusi "signs" all of his recent work with a distinctive black and yellow icon depicting a tiny pair of goggles, a feature he also includes on sprite representations of himself.